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Sid Meier's Pirates!
Sid Meier's Pirates!
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A game of high adventure, Sid Meier's Pirates! lets you test your skills as a privateer flying the Jolly Roger across the Caribbean. In your battle for treasure and glory, you'll duel enemy captains, exchange plank-shattering broadsides and seize valuable booty, woo fair maidens, dig up buried treasure, and of course plunder French ports (don't expect too much resistance).
As your reputation and skills grow, so will the size and quality of your crew, and your ability to take on larger enemy ships, raid heavily fortified ports, and locate ancient treasure. There's a whole cast of interesting and dangerous characters to meet, mysteries to solve, and exotic island destinations to discover.


  • Battle, overtake and command 27 different ship types, enhanced with assorted ammo, cannon, and other upgrades
  • Take on various foes, including merchant and military captains, ferocious pirates, evil gentry, and even rival suitors (each with different skills and abilities)
  • Engage in fierce naval battles fighting single enemies or multiple ships
  • Sneak into towns, escape from prisons, navigate around adversaries, and surprise unsuspecting vessels
  • Dispatch landing parties of buccaneers in strategic battles to take over entire cities
  • ESRB content rating: E for "Everyone" (Alcohol Reference, Suggestive Themes, Violence)